Stuck working at home? A new survey came out telling us which states are handling it the best.

Let's face it, times are crazy right now. Some people are still going into work, but many are working from home. If you're stuck at home working at home in Oklahoma. You may want to not check out this new survey from Wallethub. They say your state is in the bottom five for working at home.

Coming in at 47 on the list. A big reason for this ranking is having the lowest amount of households for internet access in the country. Oklahoma came in at at 49th for that. If that wasn't enough, Oklahoma also ranks high for their internet cost. Coming in at the third highest internet cost in the country.

So not a lot of access throughout the state and it looks like you will be paying a high price as well. You can check out the full survey here. If you were curious about Texas, they hang around the middle mark at 22. The one positive for Texas for working from home. Low internet cost. They have the second cheapest internet cost in the country. Love to hear that.

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