The state says this is the worst case of child abuse they have ever seen. 

Kevin Fowler and Aislyn Miller were both arrested Saturday on child abuse charges after nurses working at an area urgent care facility contacted Owasso Police, according to arrest reports. The nurses contacted police after they noticed the children were severely malnourished and had terrible bed sores.

Nurses also found feces in one child’s ear while the other baby had a strand of hair wrapped tightly around one of its fingers; the arrest reports indicate the baby’s finger had become infected as a result, and that skin had started growing over the hair. One nurse also found a maggot on one of the baby girls.

Police describe the children being as skinny as a 'skeleton'. The parent's excuses as to why the children were like this were described to police as they were new to being parents. The children were malnourished because they were premature and the medical conditions persisted since the parents didn't have healthcare. The twins had not seen a doctor since they were born.

Miller and Fowler were released after posting $50,000 bond, jail records show. Both girls have been removed from their parents’ custody.

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