It was a quick comment and now she has issued an apology.

Up in Oklahoma City, KOCO-TV news anchor Alex Housden was in tears the other day issuing an apology to her co-anchor Jason Hacket. The other day they did a quick story on a baby gorilla at the Oklahoma City zoo that discovered the camera in their habitat. Just a quick fun local story and right when it was about to end Alex made a comment.

She said it looks kinda like you and Jason responded by saying it kinda does. Obviously, on-air nothing happened after that, but I am sure the news station got some feedback on that comment. The next day Alex issued an apology which you can see below. Jason did say the comment did 'cut deep for me and it cut deep for a lot of you in the community."

Jason also said he hoped the episode could serve as a wake-up call and a "teachable moment" that "words matter," especially during a time of changing demographics in America. No word yet if any other punishment would be coming down for Alex. I think you can tell she didn't mean anything by it. Hopefully, she doesn't lose her job over this, but we will have to see.

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