Nadya Suleman has finally gotten a job. She’ll be stripping twice a week at T’s Lounge in West Palm Beach, Florida. It’s not a permanent placement, but will run from July 11-15.

Suleman states that she’s felt “sexually liberated” since doing her porn film, which is a solo performance where she’s pleasuring herself. For her stint at the club, she’ll only go topless.

I’m all for a woman’s right to choose what she does for a living, and I don’t have a problem with stripping. As for Octomom, however, I really just wouldn’t want to see her taking her clothes off. I also don’t want to see her playing with a dildo, and I wasn’t all that impressed with her topless photos.

At least she’s bringing in money, and having a job is important when you have 14 kids. Of course, most of us think about that before we haul off and have a house full of children. In Suleman’s case, I believe she was of the thought that she would get a reality show deal and would be supported by that and the American public pitching in.

Would you be horrified if your mom was taking it off for money?