Nothing More enjoyed a breakout year in 2014, winning over listeners with their self-titled album and earning new fans with their energetic live shows. But how will they follow that up? We're starting to get an idea as the band has launched a PledgeMusic pre-order for their latest disc, The Stories We Tell Ourselves.

The band has been teasing their forthcoming album with a few updates in recent weeks. In one posting, singer Jonny Hawkins revealed that the band were in Los Angeles shooting a pair of videos -- one of which was for a track called "Go to War." Meanwhile, the two teasers for the album give fans snippets of a pair of new songs.

The first song snippet posted below is for a track teased with the hashtag "Let Em Burn." It starts off with Hawkins in a somewhat garbled guttural voice over a catchy beat before the drums get more forceful and the singer evolves into a full scream. It's a full on banger that should play well live with its energy. The second song snippet is teased with the hashtag "Ripping Me Apart" and the trailer ends with the date 6/23, suggesting the full track may arrive later this month. The snippet for this song is more centered on a chugging guitar line to open, before Hawkins starts already in full scream belting, "You're ripping me apart."

Both clips feature the album art coming to life as a white human silhouette contrasts against a red backdrop and a pair of black gloved hands that move upward toward where the eyes on the silhouette would be.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves is expected to arrive in September, and you can place your pre-order for the format of your choosing and with special add-on options at the band's PledgeMusic pre-order. You can also sign up for updates on the disc at the band's website.

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