Reverend Edmundo Paredes is wanted for questioning on details of sexual abuse from years ago and stealing from the church as well.

I don't know if you have been keeping up with what allegedly happened in Pennsylvania churches for decades now. Reports are coming in that for the past seventy years, 300 different priests sexually abused around 1,000 children. Shocking doesn't even begin to describe these allegations.

In light of the events going on in Pennsylvania, a Dallas Church has let parishioners know about some alleged abuse that happened by a recent pastor. Three men claim the abuse happened around a decade ago when they were teenagers. Exact details on when the crimes happened are not clear. Reverend Edmundo Paredes served at Saint Cecilia Catholic Church in Oak Cliff most recently. The men and church claim the abuse did not happen at this particular church.

If that wasn't enough to get this guy in trouble. He has also been accused of stealing somewhere between $60,000 to $80,000 from the church. The Dallas Diocese says it learned of Paredes’ possible wrongdoing in February last year. Leaders say they told police soon after the alleged victims, now adult men came forward, but only altered parishioners this weekend, after church sex abuse claims from other parts of the country were revealed.

“When there is a wolf in sheep’s clothing that is terrifying enough but when there is a wolf in shepherd’s clothing that is horrendous,” said Dallas Diocese Bishop Edward J. Burns. “We recognize too that if we are ever going to rebuild trust or regain credibility those are bi-products of doing what is right and we have to do what is right in all of this.”

Dallas police are looking for Reverend Paredes, but they believe he may have fled the country back to his home country of the Philippines. If there are more victims, they are asked to contact police and the church’s victims assistance coordinator, Mary Edlund 214-379-2819.

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