Neighbors always said she had a lot of boxes, now we know why.

Kelli Russell, is a model over in Dallas and she was recently busted stealing packages off of someone's porch. Photos were going around of the theft, her neighbor recognized the car and the person as Kelli. Police were called and they hit the motherload.

Kelli's apartment was filled with stolen items and boxes. It took two police cars to fill up everything Kelli stole. Those cars were jampacked as well. Trunk, backseat, and passenger seat were all filled with the items Kelli stole. Neighbors were shocked because they always considered Kelli a nice girl. They would admit that she would throw out a lot of boxes, so it does make sense.

Most of the stolen items were not reported. Police are contacting the people from their address on the boxes and trying to determine the value of the stolen items. Police are trying to charge her with a more serious crime if the total value is high enough.

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