I love a good documentary and one is in the works for one of my favorite activities. Going to a drive in movie theater.

I want to say a couple of times a year, I ask you guys to please support the drive ins in our area. I know they're a bit of drive, but this is an industry I never want to die. I have already given you a full breakdown of the Graham Drive In versus the Chief Drive In over in Chickasha. If you ever need something to do on the weekend, a trip to either one is always a good time.

“Back to the Drive-in” coming soon from April Wright on Vimeo.

Sadly, the drive in business is a tough one to be in. Me personally, I love sitting under the stars to watch a movie on the big screen. I prefer it than going to an actual movie theater. Some folks though, just like watching movies through streaming services. A new documentary is coming out called 'Back to the Drive-In".

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This going to focus on how Covid, actually helped the drive ins because they were one of the few businesses actually allowed to stay open during Covid. Since it was outdoors and people could space out. Looks like the crew visited several drive ins, including the Coyote Drive In over in Fort Worth. This is one on my bucket list, but it's nice to see Texas represented.


At the 1:40 mark, you can actually see the owner of the drive in I grew up going to as a kid. That is Mr. D. Edward Vogel. The voice of the Bengies Drive In. So many summers spent listening to him intro movies. If you ever find yourself in Maryland, go check it out. Bengies has the biggest outdoor movie theater screen in the country. Sorry, Texas everything is not bigger here.


Also, be sure you follow all his rules. He will kick you out if you don't follow them. He's like the Soup Nazi in Seinfeld. Super nice guy...as long as follow the rules.

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