Child-free weddings aren't all that uncommon these days. However, one woman is refusing to attend her sister's wedding because she can't bring her baby.

Sharing her situation on Reddit, the woman explained she is currently pregnant and by the time her sister Lisa's wedding comes around, she will have a 5-month-old newborn.

Lisa told her "no" when she asked if she could bring her baby, so now the woman has decided to skip the wedding altogether, infuriating her sister in the process.

"Lisa's pretty pissed off and said I'm trying to act holier-than-thou and punishing her for having a child-free wedding. She said she wants me to be there and give a speech as the sister of the bride, but I told her I can't attend if I can't bring my baby," the woman wrote via Reddit.

When Lisa offered to give her the contact information for some babysitters her friends use, the woman refused, as she doesn't know them personally and isn't comfortable leaving her newborn with a stranger.

The sisters' mother tried to offer a solution, too, but even that wouldn't work.

"Mom said she could stay home with the baby while I attend a part of the ceremony, and then she'll come (and I'll go home), but Lisa wants our parents to be there the whole time," she continued.

In a later update posted in the comments, the woman revealed that her husband recently died, adding to the complexity of the situation.

In the comments section, users rallied behind the woman, letting her know she shouldn't go if she doesn't feel comfortable leaving her newborn at home.

"People are allowed to have child-free weddings, they are not allowed to be offended when people don't come. Honestly, I would always have chosen my kids," one person wrote.

"Child-free weddings are great, but if you're unwilling to work around this with family then you're prioritizing not interacting with children over celebrating with your family. People need to accept the consequences of their choices," another commented.

"Holy s---. Husband tragically passed RECENTLY and your sister is still being dramatic about your attendance on a child free wedding without giving your newborn a pass. Your sister however seems like an entitled bridezilla that needs to think of others for half a second. Sorry for your loss. I hope your sister sees you and your challenges soon. She'll get over the wedding s--- when she does," someone else shared.

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