If you're not a fan of the bar, don't worry. Something is coming for you as well.

Sort of a funny interaction I had with a Cinemark spokesperson over the weekend. I've been trying to get some more information on the new bar that is going into our theatre. Finally got a call back on this construction and was told that the construction was beginning in the next week on the luxury loungers.

Luxury Loungers? I was here to discuss the bar. We were both confused. Sadly, he does not know anything new on the bar except bottled and draft beer will be available. However, I got even better news on something that we can all enjoy -- all new state of the art seats coming to our Cinemark in Parker Square. They're leather, electrical and reclinable. I was told once you watch a movie in one, you won't want to go to another theatre that doesn't have them.

These sound amazing and will start going in within the next few weeks. Cinemark says that they want to have half of the fourteen theatres done by the end of August. They plan on having the entire facility done by the end of October.

Glad to see both of our theatres in Wichita Falls getting some upgrades. If only we could get an IMAX screen like Lawton has, I would be pretty happy. As always, we will try to keep you updated when more information becomes available.

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