Imagine being a kid growing up in superhero neighborhood? I would have freaked out if this was my address.

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For some reason, Texas communities have started naming new neighborhoods after specific things. For instance, in 2020 I did a story on a Dallas Cowboys themed neighborhood in San Antonio. Every street was named after a different Dallas Cowboys player. I love the Cowboys, but I know not everybody does. How about superheros?

Over in Corpus Christi, Texas a new subdivision is going up and someone is clearly having some fun naming the streets. New residents will be able to live on Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man and Hulk Drives, all cross streets of Krypton Drive. Man I would be so pissed if my house was on Krypton drive and I had the opportunity for Hulk Drive as my home address. Honestly, some nerd is ready to pay more money just to say he lives on Spiderman drive.


The subdivision apparently has room for more properties, so more streets could be added later. The fact someone chose Superman over Batman is just wrong. Batman is way cooler than Superman. Let me know when Batman drive gets built and I may be moving to Corpus Christi.


Also according to KIIITV in Corpus Christi, a "Game of Thrones" neighborhood is in the works. If this was happening in 2015, I think people would be hyped. 2022, Game of Thrones? Not so much. Better hope that new show they're making takes off because I know a bunch of people are still pissed about that finale.

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