I know where I want to retire now.

If you don't know anything about me, let me tell you. I am a Dallas Cowboys fanatic. I only went to Midwestern State University because the Dallas Cowboys used to practice there. Nobody believes me when I say it, but that's true. Well it looks like a new neighborhood is being built that I would feel right at home at.

Prescot Oaks. Yes, named after Dak Prescot. That's not all. You could live on streets like Emmitt Pass, Witten Drive, Aikman Way, Dak Avenue and even Zeke Avenue. My goal in life is now to live on Emmitt Pass since he is my favorite Dallas Cowboy of all time. When I say Dallas Cowboys neighborhood, you're probably thinking giant Cowboys stars on all the houses or the driveways.

No, not really. The houses look pretty normal to me. You can check out some new properties coming up for sale in 2021. Most people don't even notice the Dallas Cowboys themed streets. Passion Booker has lived in the neighborhood since March simply because she liked the floor plan of the house. "My son noticed they were all Dallas Cowboys names and we didn't know it was in a Cowboys neighborhood and once we found out it was, it was like a no brainer for us."

Passion says a lot of Cowboys fans live in the neighborhood and game days are a lot of fun. "A lot of people, like at work, they want to see it to see if it's actually real, but it is, you wouldn't think so, but it actually is," Booker said. So if you suddenly see me disappear it's because I'm now living in San Antonio's Prescot Oaks.

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