If you’ve ever wondered how your nasty waste could better serve the environment, a toilet manufacturer in Japan may have your answer. They’ve created a motorcycle which is powered by human waste – poop, specifically, which uses less… um, gas.

The manufacturer, TOTO, is creating quite a stir with their new bike. The seat, shaped like a toilet, is where the waste is stored. From there the waste is turned into biofuel, and the three wheeled chopper runs from there.

Additionally, it has some unique features. The bike talks to riders and even writes messages in the air. While I’m not sure exactly how it writes these messages, nor did a video I watched explain it further, it is no doubt something that turns heads.

For now, the bike will be doing a tour of Japan, and perhaps we’ll soon see a model here in the US for sale. After all, we’re all full of it, right?

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