I wish that I could have had a four-day school week, when I was growing up.  The only time that I got a shorter school week, was if there was a holiday like Labor Day, or the occasional snow day.

Several school districts across the state have either already adopted a four-day school week, or are planning on switching sometime in the future.  This week Jasper ISD in Central Texas announced that after surveying parents, teachers, and school staff, that they were switching to a four-day week beginning this fall.  Starting in October students will only report to school Monday thru Thursday.

Some schools here in the Texoma area are also changing to a four-day week as well.  In April of 2021, Petrolia CISD in Clay County announced that they were going to switch to a four-day school week.  Students have had every Friday off since February of this year.  The district made the change to both boost student and staff morale, and to attract new teachers.  They compensated for the lost days by extending each school day by an additional 30 minutes.

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However, not everyone is on board with the shorter school week.  Some students rely on school meal programs.  Eliminating a school day from the week, is one less day that those students are getting fed.  Petrolia CISD is trying to remedy this issue by sending those students home with food on Thursdays after school.

Also, many students come from either single parent homes, or family’s where both parents work during the day on Friday.  By switching to a four-day school week, parents who cannot stay home with their children, would have to pay for childcare or a babysitter, which is an added expense that some families simply can’t afford.

While I’m sure that the kids will love a shorter school week, I can see how it can be a struggle for some families.  Do you believe that schools should institute a shorter week, or should they stick to the traditional five-day week?

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