Well this is an odd story.

Recently, retired boxer Mike Tyson and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie were at the same event in New Jersey and had a little bit of an awkward interaction. Tyson said to Christie that many years ago, he had a conversation with now president Donald Trump where he said that he would pardon him for his 1992 rape conviction. Tyson then said that he hadn't talked to Trump in many years, so if Christie could get in his ear about it, he'd appreciate it. Wait, what?

So is Mike Tyson under the impression that he'll be pardoned for his 1992 rape conviction? Huh? First off, why would Trump have made such a claim over 20 years ago when he was just a real estate guy? Second, even if he had made the claim, the President wouldn't be able to pardon Tyson anyway, because his conviction came at the state level and the president can only pardon federal crimes.

For what it's worth, Tyson's rep says that it's all just a misunderstanding.  Apparently Trump had actually said "partner" and not "pardon," but without the context of the conversation, who really knows?!

What a weird story.

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