I know Mike Tyson is a busy guy, but if I am a character in a video game I will find the time to play it.

Now if you have never played the game Punch-Out. First of all you had no childhood, I am sorry to break this to you. It is a boxing game featuring Little Mac and it was on the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It was all about working your way to the top of the boxing world to face Mike Tyson at the end. One of the top ten hardest bosses I have faced in a video game. Also, since it was a Nintendo game Mario is the referee in the boxing ring with you.

Well before making an appearance on the Fox Sports 1 show, they asked Tyson in the green room if he wanted to play the game that has his namesake. Let's just say things didn't go so well. First off he sucks, granted he had never played the game before. Seriously, it is Glass Joe though. Imagine someone dying on the first Goomba in Super Mario Brothers. That is how easy Glass Joe is. His name is Glass Joe, come on Iron Mike Tyson.

Watch Mike Tyson Play Punch-Out Below:

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