Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes they wear football helmets. At least that was the case in Wichita Falls when a thief ended up captured after being tackled by the Midwestern State University football team.

According to TRN, the WFPD responded to a shoplifting report at Sikes Senter Mall around noon today. A man had stolen some clothing and then got away in a vehicle. The vehicle was then spotted outside of D.L. Ligon Coliseum on the MSU campus. That's where the story gets interesting.

Allegedly, the man got out of the car carrying the stolen clothes and tried to steal a bicycle that was parked nearby. The football team saw this happening and also knew who owned the bike. They then started chasing the man down as he rode away on the stolen bicycle.

The thief ditched the bike and took off on foot towards Taft Boulevard, but his speed was no match for the #14 Preseason AFCA Ranked Division II college football team. They caught up to the criminal and put all the tackling drills they've been working on in the off-season to use.

According to Defensive Coordinator Rich Renner, the players brought the thief down with a tackle and then the rest of the team dog-piled on top. While in a game day situation this would result in penalty flags flying, this time it detained the criminal long enough for police to arrive.

The suspect, who's name has yet to be released, was arrested. MSU police charged him with bike theft and a WFPD officer confirmed that he was in posession of the stolen clothes that started this whole scene. As of this afternoon, he had not yet been booked into Wichita County Jail.

The MSU Football team ended last season with a 10-2 record and advanced to the second round of the NCAA Division II Playoffs before losing to Colorado State-Pueblo. They start the 2016 season on September 3rd with a road game against Truman State.