Good god, the amount of beer these guys have drank over the years. Their livers have to heal like Captain America's.

I am always down to go try a new bar, but lets admit it. It's kind of nice to have a bar to call your own. Where you can have a nice conversation with the bartender and he or she knows your drink order. Well these guys were sick of the same old thing every time they went to their favorite pub.

So they started one hell of a pub crawl. They vowed to go to a different bar every time they went out. This started thirty years ago and since then, the guys have gone to 18,000 bars. Holy crap that is a lot of places and to think how much beer was consumed on this journey? They have no plans to stop the pub crawl either.

One member Peter Hill said, "We are just going to keep going until our livers give out, or at least something gives out." A nice little story but its not just about the alcohol. At every stop they ask the bar to donate some money to a local children's hospital. Keep it going guys and if you ever make it to America, first round is on me.

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