If this goes nationwide it would be huge for McDonald's. Texans will be the first to try it. 

Earlier this week, McDonald's started using fresh, never frozen beef at fourteen Texas locations. Not all the beef has been changed for this test. Only for the Quarter Pounder patties used in the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Bacon Clubhouse, and the Homestyle Burger, which is a regional burger in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

From the test so far, they have noticed better-tasting burgers and quicker cook times, which in turn could mean speedier customer service. The reason McDonald's has not used this before is because there isn't a large enough supply of fresh beef to expand the test nationally right now.

No word on which locations in Dallas have the fresh beef so you could try it for yourself. The only problem with switching to the fresh beef is the products going expired faster. Seriously, I think it's worth it. Better burger, cooks faster, sign me up.

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