About a week ago I told you about Phoenix Jones, a Seattle man who is trying to prevent crime by dressing up as a masked super hero. While his quest has indeed warded off a crime here and there, this week proved that he's not invincible.

Jones was trying to break up a fight between two men when one of them pulled a gun. Luckily the armed man didn't shoot Jones, but he instead kicked Jones in the face, breaking his nose. He isn't taking that as a sign to hang up his cape, however.

Jones remains undeterred, saying his injury is part of a superhero's job. "I endanger my life with a reason and purpose," he said. His adventures on the streets of Seattle have seen him stop a car theft and gain international fame as a costumed crusader.

But Seattle Police have urged the wannabe superhero to hang up his tights before he gets seriously hurt.

For now Jones is continuing on with his plan of fighting crime, and with any luck he won't have more encounters like this one.

Even super heros have conventions

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