I have to imagine that pain would be punishment enough. I am actually gagging just thinking about that taste. 

First off, don't drink and drive. Get a safe ride home if you do plan on going out drinking. Police suspected Patrick David Butler of drinking and driving on Monday morning. Police witnessed him almost hit a curb, but jerked away from it quickly. Police began following him and they say he was all over the road.

When police pulled over Butler, they said they witnessed him spraying Axe body spray into his mouth. Officers asked Butler about the spray and he said he was spraying himself from "head to toe." He also told police he only had two beers and a shot while watching the Monday Night Football game.

He was then given three separate field sobriety tests, which police say he failed. He was arrested and taken to the station where he took a breath test and reportedly blew a 0.13, which is over the legal limit. He was charged with driving under the influence.

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