It’s human nature to want to get it on. It’s also human nature to get irritated when you see the price of everything going up. For a customer in Detroit over the weekend, his complaint was the price of condoms being too high, and he died over the argument.

It started when Michael Haynes II went to buy some condoms at a BP gas station, and when he found out the price, he said he could get them cheaper somewhere else. He then asked for a refund or to get a better deal, but the clerk refused.

At that point, Haynes got irate and began shoving items off the shelves, to which the clerk responded by coming out of his office with a gun. The clerk says he just wanted to fire a warning shot, but it hit Haynes in the shoulder.

Haynes then left the store, having a friend drive him to the hospital, where he later died from the injury.

This whole thing was over condoms?

I talk quite a bit with the staff at the gas station I frequent, and from what they tell me, they get a lot of abuse. The thing is, they don’t determine the pricing of their products. They can’t help that they don’t have the specific thing that you want, and they don’t have control over the soda fountain breaking down. I’m guessing that the attendant in Detroit was fed up with people being terrible to him.

That doesn’t, however, excuse him firing a gun at the guy who just wanted to get laid.

Police have the cashier in custody and are investigating further.