Gotta catch'em all. 

Let's face it, labor for a child takes a really long time. Jonathan Theriot was sitting in the chair next to his wife Jessica who was in the hospital bed. In an effort to kill some time, Jonathan pulled out his smartphone and launched 'Pokemon Go'. Just to see if anything was in the room.

Sure enough, a Pidgey popped up and he snapped a photo and put it online. A lot of people are giving Jonathan crap for playing on his smartphone while his wife is in labor. Jonathan said she was all cool with it. “She wasn’t mad at all. She just kind of laughed at it. It was primarily an eyeroll once she realised what I was doing,” said Jonathan.

Some people suggested they should name the child Pidgey, but Jonathan and Jessica settled on Ireland Sage instead. Looks like some stroller rides around the park, while throwing pokeballs are in store for this new family.