How low would you sink to save big on Black Friday? Not surprisingly, some people will do some pretty despicable things to save a little money.

A former infantryman was out shopping with his family when he saw a fellow soldier also doing some shopping. So the infantryman decided to ask a few basic questions just to see if the other guy was legit.

And he couldn't answer what appear to be some of the most basic questions. That pissed off our loyal infantryman, who began calling him out to everyone that would listen.

Luckily someone managed to pull him away before things got out of hand.

Now of this imposter turns out to be a real soldier, we owe him an apology. But if he is in fact a fake, shame on him.

The men and woman of our armed forces go through some pretty rough stuff to protect us and shouldn't be dishonored just because you want to save a couple dollars.

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