Is it really worth it?

Sadly, in some household in America. Thanksgiving has just become get to bed so we can get up early for Black Friday deals. My mother is one of these people. I went with her one year and vowed to never go again. You Black Friday people jump on those deals like a lion pouncing a gazelle.

Efren Garcia has got a head start on all of us. He has been camping outside of the Best Buy in Garland since Saturday. Why? Trying to score a 50-inch television. How great of a savings is this Black Friday deal? Garcia said he will save about three hundred dollars on the TV.

Are you effing kidding me man? Three hundred bucks for almost a week of your life, is it really worth three hundred bucks? I don't think if you gave me a free 50-inch television I would camp outside of a Best Buy for six days. Enjoy your TV man, hopefully you never need to buy another one again in your life.

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