Drunk people getting into a fight at Whataburger, not shocked in the least.

Whataburger is two totally different restaurants at different times of the day. During the daylight, it's this nice wholesome restaurant you would bring the kids to. At night, the drunks come out. Your average fast food restaurant closes their dining room late at night. Not Whataburger.

In Wichita Falls, you get all the people from Stage and Old Town walking next door to Whataburger. I have seen the occasional two-in-the-morning drunk argument in the Whataburger dining room.

Looks like things aren't any different in Corpus Christi.

An argument broke out between two guys at the Whataburger in downtown Corpus Christi, apparently over a knife that may or may not have been stolen. What happens next is the worst fight I have seen in my life. The only exciting part was the guy getting his eye 'poked' and apparently the guy in the orange bit him. Now go get some taquitos and sober up you two.