Bar has been set once again on marriage proposals, I know I won't even come close to topping this.

How come I don't hear from magicians anymore? Is it a dying art? I remember seeing magician specials on television all the time when I was kid. We have David Blaine and Chris Angel doing stuff nowadays. Those are more stunts, than magic in my opinion. I can appreciate a good magic trick and this is one to remember.

This is called the alphabetty spaghetti trick. Basically he chugs the alphabet spaghettios. Which sounds disgusting in itself. Raw spaghettios? Sounds like food poisoning to me. He eats the can and then invites his girlfriend on stage.

He swallows and single piece of regular spaghetti. He then pulls that piece out and on it reads 'Marry Me'. I got to admit, that is a pretty cool proposal.