I am sure a lot of folks have pictured their wedding proposals throughout their lives. Did it feature a general store and some rocking chairs in the background?

Who doesn't love Cracker Barrel? I know when I go, it's a breakfast order for me. 8PM on Saturday, I'm getting some french toast and I don't give a damn what you think. If you love and your significant other also loves Cracker Barrel, why not show your love with a proposal.

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That's right, love is in the air this month with Valentine's Day around the corner and Cracker Barrel wants you to propose at their restaurant. Sounds kind of a weird thing to do. I don't imagine many people think of their Valentine's Day plans at Cracker Barrel, but they will make it worth your while. They're willing to give five couples free meals for a year.

So you technically don't have to propose ON Valentine's Day, but it has to be within that one week window.

Official Rules for the Contest

  1. Post a proposal video to a public Instagram profile with a caption on why they decided to propose at the iconic restaurant.
  2. Include the hashtags #ISaidYesAtCrackerBarrel and #Contest.
  3. And tag @crackerbarrel in the post.

I don't know how many people plan to do this in about a week, but if you found your love at Cracker Barrel (someone out there has to have a romantic Cracker Barrel story) you could win free food for a year.

Hell with a proposal, that means a wedding has to come up. All that money you're saving on food can go to the wedding. We have the one Cracker Barrel location here in Wichita Falls, but the company says this is at EVERY location nationwide. Best of luck to all the happy couples that decide to do this. Send me the video as well if you do.

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