I love spicy foods and Mortal Kombat. So why not combine the two things together?

First off I got to admit, I am a big fan of Woolie from Super Best Friends Play. I flew home to Maryland to go see him at Magfest and it was a lot of fun. Out of all the Super Best Friends, Woolie is the best at fighting games. I believe he prefers Street Fighter to Mortal Kombat and I hated those kids growing up. However, Woolie is still cool in my book because he actually ate a ghost pepper.

Now I have had a ghost pepper a few times in my life and these things don't mess around. I wanted to go stick my head in a freezer after eating one. Woolie attempted to review the new Mortal Kombat X after eating one. Basically all I got out of it, it's the best game in the series, bloody fatalities and Predator is in the game. Good job Woolie, also good job not throwing up. Got nervous when I heard that burp.

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