I hate American Idol with every fiber of my being. It's nothing more than an over-blown karaoke contest for people searching for fifteen minutes of fame without having to pay their dues. According to the Boston Herald, contrary to Steven Tyler's claims, Aerosmith refused to reunite during the May 26th finale of the show.

I love Aerosmith but they've become so commercial since they became the go-to band for the ballad on the soundtrack to every summer blockbuster in the 90's. I definitely see this as a positive sign but we Aerosmith fans are not completely out of the woods just yet:

While no official reason was given for taking a pass on the highly rated national TV gig, sources said Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer and Brad Whitfordwould rather appear on “Idol” when the band has something to promote like an upcoming tour or a new album.

Damn it! I haven't found a rocker yet that likes that show and I honestly wish these guys would realize while it MIGHT expose you to some people who don't know your music, it hurts your credibility in the eyes of your fan base. Artists like Kings Of Leon and Slash got it right when they turned down that lame-ass TV show Glee and hopefully the rest of Aerosmith will get it right and NEVER play American Idol. Real artists need to send a message to that show in that there's a lot more to being a musician than being able to sing karaoke. Real artists create.

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