Every time I went to a Rangers game, this lady was there. The stadium will not be the same without her. 

As a lot of you know, I am not a Texas Rangers fan. You better believe I know who Sister Frances is though. She was the most diehard Rangers fan I knew. She was at every game, always with her drum ready to go. She would pound on that thing to get the Rangers and the crowd pumped up. It worked as well.

I remember the Rangers rallied a couple of times against my Orioles during those drum beats. Sister Frances had her seats behind home plate and due to deteriorating health has attended fewer games in recent years. She would have been 91 on July 31.

Sister Frances will leave a lasting impact on the Rangers forever. I am actually going to the games this weekend and I am still going to be expecting that drum. Even though I know Sister Frances won't be there banging it. Her funeral is at 11 am Friday, July 28 at St. Andrew Catholic Church in Fort Worth.

Check Out Sister Frances Below With Her Texas Rangers Rally Drum

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