Okilly Dokilly. Actually that his the name of the band.

When I think of metal music, the polar opposite of it would be Ned Flanders. Ned would be the guy to picket a metal concert that would show up in Springfield. Well a couple of guys in Phoenix, Arizona decided to give tribute to the straight laced neighbor of Homer Simpson.

As Rip It Up reports, Okilly Dokilly deem themselves “the world’s only Nedal band”, and they come complete with perfectly ironed slacks, green pullovers, pink shirts and moustachioed mugs. So who are the chaps behind Okilly Dokilly? Well there’s Head Ned, Red Ned, Thread Ned, Stead Ned and Bled Ned, of course.

The guys came up with the idea while at the grocery store, they thought the name Okilly Dokilly was a good name. The band uses Ned Flanders direct quotes for song ideas. In fact, they use one of my favorites for a song. 'Nothing at all'. Yeah, remember, stupid sexy Flanders? It's almost like he's wearing nothing at all.

I hope these guys keep it up. Anything that has to do with 'The Simpsons' I can stand behind. Remember guys, if you ever have a bad night. They're not saying Booo, they're saying Booo urns, Boooo urns!