For the past 2 plus weeks all I've done with every spare moment I can spare is play Call Of Duty: MW3 on Xbox 360 I love this game! It's quite a bit different when compared to the last offering Call Of Duty: Black Ops but so far I've really enjoyed what time I've spent on the controller killing & teabagging as I go. Nothing's as relaxing or rewarding after a long day at work than some quality time online destroying others & reeking havoc! The game play feels much faster & smoother when compared to the previous C.O.D titles. I will say the usual difficulties still exist such as lag & hit detection, not to mention all the glitchers, hackers, boosters & other various forms of cheating scum. More so than Black Ops but not enough to keep me from playing. The ban hammer will swing soon enough & Infinity Ward continue to address some of the more glaring defects that need attention. It's worth the money in my opinion & I doubt I'll get bored of MW3 any day soon. Speaking of boredom & having entirely too damn much time on your hands. If you haven't seen the Lego remake of the launch trailer for Call Of Duty: MW3 check t out. It's pretty amazing how these guys put this whole thing together using stop action & Legos. Watch the original trailer then the Lego remake to really appreciate what these guys did. I can't even imagine how long this took to do.




Fan of C.O.D or not you gotta admit that's pretty cool. I wonder how many Legos this took to do, not to mention time? For now I'll stick to playing the game but if the day ever comes that I'm completely bored of C.O.D I guess I can always try my skill at Legos. In the meantime if you're on Xbox live & are looking for someone to play with or better yet provide you a meat shield I'm game CritterRKBA.