I couldn't imagine my grandparents even attempting to play Call of Duty. I feel like the concept of Pac Man is over some of their heads.

Your grandparents come over to visit and they ask you what you enjoy doing. You show them your video games and ask if they would like to play. In this situation one of two things happen. Your grandparents become so infuriated because of all the buttons on the controller. Option two you become so infuriated because they're so terrible. Even something as simple as jumping is a difficult concept for them to grab.

Well someone out there decided to grab some elders and just throw them in front of a Xbox with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The results are what you would expect, a lot of them dying and asking what the hell do I do. A few actually got some kills and the nice people on Xbox Live gave some of their own commentary on the new players.

Watch Elders Play Call of Duty Below: