I just saw a video of one of these earlier this month and wished we had one in Texas. Turns out they were building one and it opened today.

Nobody likes seeing animals on the highway. Sometimes you have to do some quick thinking and try to avoid the little guys. Sometimes it's a big guy as well. If only something could be developed for animals to cross the road safely. In some areas, this is quite difficult.

However, in some places a wildlife bridge is the answer. Turns out the biggest one in the country just opened today over in San Antonio.The Robert L.B. Tobin Land Bridge at Phil Hardberger Park is pretty awesome. The bridge allows people and animals to safely cross the highway. It also connects both sides of the park.

“For many years, the Robert L.B. Tobin Land Bridge was only a dream. Thanks to overwhelming community support of the 2017 Bond, the generosity of donors from across the city and the hard work and dedication of so many, the vision is now a reality,” said Phil Hardberger, former San Antonio Mayor.

“I am honored to invite San Antonians to come experience the Land Bridge and hope it will offer them an escape from the stresses of this year — a place where they may spend time with family and friends and connect with the natural world," said Hardberger

You can see the bridge for yourself above. Hopefully more of these start popping up around the country. They sound like a great idea.

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