When Randy Blythe isn’t blasting out some of metal’s most vicious gutturals, he’s often roaming the city streets in search of the perfect photo. We joined the Lamb of God vocalist in New York City as he canvased Grand Central Station, taking gorgeous photos of the iconic landmark.

“When I’m writing lyrics or writing prose, I’m trying to communicate a specific idea; my thoughts, my opinions, my emotions about something. With photography, yes, I frame things a certain way and I take pictures of things that attract my eye, but I don’t create situations. I just walk around and I’m open and look and see what the world brings me.”

Photo: Randy Blythe

On this day, the world brought Blythe a priest — who was perhaps looking to avoid the metal singer — some interesting characters in a restaurant and some people walking through the giant windows on each side of Grand Central Terminal. Blythe’s goal for the day was to photograph some walking past the windows, and though he eventually succeeded, the employees at Grand Central’s Apple Store threw a wrench in Randy’s gears by asking him to clear a pubic stairway.

Photo: Randy Blythe

Poetically, much of Lamb of God’s new album is about our culture of endless consumerism, which Blythe spoke about after his Apple Store debacle. “It sucked. I don’t like that in this iconic building, the Apple Store lady is like, ‘You’re blocking top of the stairs.’ What the fuck? Why would you put an Apple Store there?”

“It’s brutal man. It’s this false idea that having money and material possessions and Instagram fame or whatever is going to lead to some sort of happiness and internal well-being. It’s false.”

Photo: Randy Blythe

Watch Randy Blythe’s full photography expedition above. Lamb of God’s self-titled album will be released May 8, so click here to pre-order the record.

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