So you're tooling around the internet and all of a sudden a screen pops up that looks like virus diagnostics are running. If if you know it's a scam, you still have that mini-heart attack that comes from the possibility that your computer just bit it.

I did a little research and this is definitely malware. No real good can come from following the instructions that they give you. The thing you should do immediately is close down that pop up window immediately. Following the instructions could lead to your personal information being stolen to serious viruses attacks on your computer.

I just don't understand how this stuff is "allowed" to travel the internet. Sure the internet is free and open, but you'd think there would be some kind of fine or even jail time for introducing these deceptive pop ups. I would be especially concerned for older net users and newbies who are trying to do the right thing and protect their computers. So I guess there's not much we can do but hope that somehow. someday, someone will catch up to the developers and give them a giant KICK IN THE NUTS.