It’s never been easier to get a job at KFC.

Remember the good old days when fast food joints required a certain level of competence to get a job there? Not that they ever had the most rigorous of requirements – because we are talking about a workforce made up of a whole bunch of high school and college kids – but there were some standards, at least.

Back then, the qualifications were simple: pay attention to what you’re cooking, be nice to the customers, and don’t get stoned on the job. Easy enough.

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These days, KFC locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex have lowered the bar even further:

That’s right – all you have to do is show up for work. Not sure how to count change? No problem. Do you have substandard personal hygiene? No biggie. Just come right on in and apply.

As great a conversation starter as it is, some Twitter users are calling bullsh*t, saying they’ve applied at places with similar signage, only to be turned away.

Okay, so maybe KFC is just looking for a little attention. In that case, it’s clearly working because they damn sure got yours and mine, didn’t they?

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