I think this maybe the first celebrity in Oklahoma to have their own strain of weed.

Celebrities having their own strain of weed is nothing new. The ones you would expect to, of course have one. Willie Nelson...yup, Snoop Dog...yup,...Tommy Chong...yup. The thing is, those strains are only approved to sell in certain states. For the most part, California has all of those strains from those celebrities. As far as I know, Oklahoma does not have any celebrity strains of weed.

Maybe one day I can take a trip to dispensary up in Oklahoma and pick something up or Texas could legalize it one day. Well, to you Oklahomans, you could soon try a new edible from actor Jim Belushi. Jim is no stranger to the weed business. He already sells marijuana in both Oregon and Illinois. Looks like Jim is wanting to get in on the Oklahoma market now.

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He says he was very impressed with the Tulsa based company Glazed Edibles. "Their products are through the roof," he told NewsChannel 8. "Their candy, their chocolate... I don't know where their magic touch comes from but I want to find out." Jim is helping with a new edible line called 'Chasing Magic' which is scheduled to be out by the end of the month.


Also to mark the occasion looks like Jim Belushi is bringing his good friend Dan Akroyd for a Blues Brothers concert at the Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa for the launch of the new product. Looks like Glazed Edibles has their focus on North Oklahoma, but it looks like they do sell at a shop a few hours east of OKC. If you're in Oklahoma, maybe ask if you can get this product shipped to your favorite store.

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