Like most of the world, our first exposure to Jemima Kirke came in Lena Dunham’s unexpected indie hit ‘Tiny Furniture.’ We rented it because, well, you can imagine what we thought it was about. Kirke played the main character’s free-spirited childhood friend who welcomes her back to New York with pills, pot and bad introductions. Kirke isn’t an actor per se – she studied painting in school, and only signed onto the project because Dunham insisted – but she more than held her own in the film, stealing her scenes with an acerbic British charm.

The daughter of Bad Company drummer Simon Kirke, Jemima was born in London and moved to New York at the age of ten, where she fell in with the downtown art crowd, hanging out in Tompkins Square Park and mixing with a diverse cross-section of society. We visited New York at that age and we only fell in love with the peep shows. Maybe it was lust. Lust, one quarter at a time.

She returns to the screen in collaboration with Dunham for her new HBO show ‘Girls,’ which premieres April 15th. We’ll check it out hoping it’s actually about girls, or perhaps, ACTUAL tiny furniture this time.