Hey guys! ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ opens today. We’re excited! We love vampires, and the idea of watching Abraham Lincoln hunt and kill them with an ax is just insane enough to make us run to the theater faster than you can say “historically inaccurate!” But there’s another reason we’re itching to catch ‘AL:VH’ (that’s what the kids at Hot Topic are calling it) today, and that reason’s name is Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

The stunning actress plays Lincoln’s main squeeze, Mary Todd Lincoln, in the new horror-action flick. The real Mary Todd Lincoln was a short and stout woman who probably looked nothing like Winstead, but that’s OK — we’re pretty sure Abe Lincoln didn’t run around beheading undead baddies with an ax during his term as our 16th President either.

Winstead has starred in several awesome genre flicks, including last year’s prequel to ‘The Thing,’ ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,’ Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Grindhouse’ entry ‘Death Proof,’ and ‘Final Destination 3.’

The 27-year-old California native practiced ballet as a pre-teen and became an actress in her teens. She’s appeared in Broadway productions, soap operas, primetime TV shows and landed a key role in the 2005 Disney superhero movie ‘Sky High.’ After ‘Sky High,’ Winstead appeared in several horror and indie productions, including ‘Black Christmas’ and ‘Bobby.’

Here career isn’t about to slow down. She’s landed roles in several upcoming productions, including the comedy ‘A.C.O.D’ and the next film from director Roman Coppola.




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