There are several scenes throughout Jelly Roll: Save Me that draw tears. There's one scene from the documentary that's a gusher.

You don't see it coming. The 90-minute-long film seems to be past all the hard stuff — in fact, he's starting to lead you toward the Bridgestone Arena show placed as the pinnacle in the opening minutes.

During an impromptu meet-and-greet, a dark haired woman approaches Jelly Roll, in tears before she gets to him. She's followed by her daughter and her granddaughter. Jelly Roll directs his soft eyes toward the trio and quietly learns how their son/brother/father was killed by his wife. The youngest of the three witnessed it all, and it's through her eyes we see the origins of his story available for repeat.

Not if the singer has anything to say about it.

"There's an old phrase that says we are overcome by the power of our testimony. You have a real strong testimony," Jelly Roll tells the young woman, his anguished voice becoming a forceful whisper.

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"And you're going to do a lot of good for the world with it one day. You hear me? You never let nobody tell you how to grieve. You take your time. You talk about him every day if it's what it takes for you to get through it. Because one day you will talk about him with a smile, I promise. I promise."

The most important takeaway from Jelly Roll's just-released Hulu documentary is that it's not over. Jelly Roll still makes mistakes, and he's not far removed from a life that nearly killed him. The "Save Me" singer suffers through severe depression, and — even though he clearly regrets his past drug use and addiction — is on the fringes of sobriety.

“I will still get blackout drunk and every now and then we’ll do something wild," he says about 25 minutes into the film, after listing all of the drugs he's tried without blinking.

“I smoked meth out of a lightbulb at 15 years old," is a line of dialogue that will make you flinch.

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