Baseball and rock coming together right here in the Lone Star state is so awesome. 

Am I the only one that didn't know Jack White was in the baseball bat business? He is actually in it with another famous figure, well for Texas Rangers fans. Former second baseman, Ian Kinsler. The founder of the company is a Dallas native, Ben Jenkins. These three will be bringing their company Warstic to Deep Ellum over in Dallas.

The announcement was made right before the Tigers and Rangers game. Which is the team Kinsler currently plays on and Jack White is also a big Tigers fan. Warstic is all about building a custom bat for each individual person. The company says people will come in and get 'fitted' for a bat like they're getting fitted for a suit.

The Warstic headquarters is expected to open in early 2018 at 2900 Main St., formerly motorcycle shop All Star Baggers. It will be Warstic's manufacturing headquarters for all of the United States.

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