Anything that has to do with the Dallas Cowboys I am on board with. Official Dallas Cowboys food? Yeah, I know where I am going to celebrate Cowboys victories.

I was at Jack in the Box this morning and I walked in to see the beautiful Dallas Cowboys star on the counter. Now since I have a Dallas Cowboys tattoo I am going to be drawn to anything with the star on it. Turns out they have some pretty awesome promotions going on with the Cowboys.

Right now they have an official Dallas Cowboys burger. Two beef patties, onion rings, American cheese, pickles, mustard, mayonnaise and all on sourdough buns. It's almost ten o'clock in the morning when I am typing this and I am craving a burger. If college taught me anything the best part about Jack in the Box is being able to order anything at any time of the day. Many times I have had the tacos for breakfast.

Speaking of tacos pretty awesome promotion going on. If the Dallas Cowboys score a touchdown in the first quarter, everyone gets free tacos. All you have to do is purchase a drink the day after the game.

So official Dallas Cowboys burger and free tacos for touchdowns. I know where I will be going for post games throughout the season now. Remember we have two in Wichita Falls. One on Lawrence road the other off of Central Freeway.

Remember you can listen to all Dallas Cowboys games on NewsTalk 1290.

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