The Puerto Rican native was able to get supplies to the area and help bring his family with him to Texas. 

Hurricanes have ravaged parts of our country the past few months. Hurricane Maria tore through the island of Puerto Rico and has caused astronomical devastation. Reports are 97% of the people living there were hit by this storm. Many have no power or running water at this time.

In less than 48 hours, Dallas Maverick point guard J.J. Barea was able to get seven 18-wheelers filled with supplies. Items from food, water and toiletries were donated to the cause. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban let J.J. deliver the supplies to his native country. J.J. Barea is actually the only player in the NBA that is from Puerto Rico.

J.J. got the supplies to the people of Puerto Rico. He also went to pick up his mother and grandmother to bring them back to Dallas. “Puerto Rico is everything to me. That's where I'm born and raised. That's where I got all my family. Puerto Rico is completely destroyed. Worst ever down there. We need everything from gas to water to food to medicine,” Barea said. “Mark Cuban never hesitated to help me out, let me borrow the plane. And we went down there with a plane full of stuff. Everything went smooth today so we're hoping to do it again this week. It's really bad down there so we need all the help."

If you would like to help out J.J. Barea on his next trip to deliver supplies. He has a donation page setup that has raised over $127,000 as of this post.

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