There are many songs that honor the US military & the proud soldiers that have served, including some from a couple of Texas artists. We know Metallica's "One" or "Rooster' by Alice in Chains are the amongst the most well known songs about soldiers, but these Texas artists have been known to write songs all dedicated to the brave men & women in the armed forces.

Drowning Pool "Soldiers"

"Bodies" might be their biggest hit, but "Soldiers" is one that is very much loved by the United States military. The Texas rockers even went overseas to film their music for "Soldiers" which shows the band performing for the troops in Iraq & Kuwait.

Whiskey Myers "Bury My Bones" & "Frogman"

The Palestine, Texas rockers, Whiskey Myers have a few song dedicated to members of the military. Their song "Bury My Bones" talks about 2 brothers, one who served in the Army, and the emotional/mental struggles one goes through after serving overseas. The song was meant as a way of understanding and sympathizing with the pain soldiers go through after serving for their country.

Another song of theirs, "Frogman" is about a NAVY Seal & the stories they go through while serving. The song was co-written with Rich Robinson of the Black Crowes.

The Chicks "Travelin' Soldier"

The Chicks from Dallas did not pull any punches while writing their song, "Travelin' Soldier". The song talks about a soldier who was drafted into war (The Vietnam War in this case), and him writing back to a girl he cared about back home. Without spoiling the ending, let's just say there's a reason why we never want to forget everyone who served in the military...there's always someone who is praying for their safe return...

Hellyeah "Band of Brothers"

And finally we have the supergroup from Dallas, Hellyeah. As many soldiers commented on the music video for "Band of Brothers", it's THE song to blast out when you're strapping in, ready for battle. Because in the midst of battle, you're never alone; you have your brothers (and sisters) ready to defend you while standing next to you.

To those who put on a uniform and were willing to risk their lives to protect OURS... we salute you...

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