A Texas guitar legend redid a bluesy number about a larger than life character and a wild funeral.

Stevie Ray Vaughan gave us some of the best music to ever come out of Texas.  Tragically, he was killed in a helicopter crash in 1990.

Stevie Ray Vaughan was one of the best blues/blues rock guitarists in the history of that genre. He was one of the best guitar players EVER in my opinion.

Obviously, he could play the blues, that was his strong point.

He could also do country, he could totally rock, he could shred ... he could even throw down in the surf guitar world.

Anyway, back to the song about the crazy funeral.

Willie ‘The Wimp’ Stokes jr was a well known figure on Chicago's south side. A notorious drug dealer who lived "large" while he was in this world and left it that way too.

He was gunned down in 1984 which made the news, of course, but his funeral really grabbed peoples attention. He was buried ... stylishly ... to say the least.

Socially Distanced Funerals Continue As US Slowly Opens From COVID-19 Isolation
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Dressed to the nines, sporting a flashy fedora, with a wad of cash in his hand, (said to have been $10K), Willie wore a diamond ring, propped up in a casket custom made to look like one of the Cadillacs he always drove. (See a pic here.)

According to historyandimagination.com, it had a

genuine Cadillac front grille and boot added to it. Working front and tail lights were installed. A plastic windshield, a big floral steering wheel, a dashboard were added, as were four wheels to the chassis.


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