A Tyler, Texas man -- busted for fraud in a scheme that involved stolen valor, fake names, and other crimes -- got the longest sentence ever handed down under the stolen valor act.

The Stolen Valor Act of 2013 makes it illegal to fraudulently wear medals, embellish rank, or make false claims of military service to obtain money, employment, property, or some other tangible benefit. - justice.gov

This guy defrauded investors by claiming to be a "military hero" and used his supposed military "combat skills" to intimidate them into not questioning his actions.

Derek Robert Hamm, 39, pleaded guilty to wire fraud, money laundering, violating the Stolen Valor Act, using a fraudulent military discharge certificate, and being a felon in possession of firearms and ammunition. - justice.gov

Hamm claimed to be a rich war hero who had served multiple tours of duty throughout the Middle East during which he was awarded a Purple Heart, a Bronze Star, a Silver Star, and a Distinguished Service Cross.

Hamm also claimed to be related to Harold Hamm, a billionaire oilman from Oklahoma. That relationship, he told victims, opened up doors to all kinds of "financial resources and oil industry expertise". It was all complete BS.

He spent millions of dollars on himself and his family while telling investors that their money was being used in legit ways. If anyone pushed him for details ...

Because of his arsenal of weapons and his trained-warrior persona, Hamm scared any investors from pressing him on his failed investments. - justice.gov


They Got Him But There May Still Be More Victims.

This isn't the only time Hamm used stolen valor for illegal acts, and authorities feel there are other victims out there. If you are one or think you know one, the FBI would like you to call them at 903-594-3503.

According to justice.gov; Derek Robert Hamm is also known as D. Wayne Hamm II, Wayne Hamm, D. Wayne H., DW Hamm, and RD Hamm.

If you ever doubt someone's military service, there are ways to verify it.

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