Before a Texas Rangers game, you might want to walk over to the old stadium to check out the brand new Hearsay Steakhouse.

Coming up this weekend, I am going to my first ever XFL game. I have been wanting to go since the original XFL back in the day and I literally had plans to go to a game when the world shutdown in 2020. Unless some freak accident happens this weekend, I will be going to this game.

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In case you did not know, our local North Texas team is the Arlington Renegades. They play in the old Texas Rangers stadium, which is now called Choctaw Stadium. I really liked that stadium, but let's be honest. An August Rangers day game was just torture for three hours. The team needed a roof and I am glad they got one.

The old stadium is still being used for XFL games, soccer games, and rugby games. You may think of this stadium as old news, but it just got a BIG upgrade today. Hearsay, just opened up a restaurant, cigar bar, and jazz lounge in the stadium.

Cigar Bar

That is the view from their cigar patio. Which looks like the old right field for the Texas Rangers. You mean to tell me, I could watch a game and smoke a cigar at this place? Shut up and take my money now!

Jazz Lounge


I won't lie, the restaurant has me worried because they don't list any prices. Which means my ass is probably gonna s*** a brick when I see the bill. The food does sound good though. I tried to book a reservation for this Sunday after the XFL game, but nothing was available. I may just walk up after the game and see how long the wait is. If you want something new before a game in Arlington. Don't ignore the old stadium.

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