In the event of a nuclear attack on the United States of America, several Texas cities are at the top of the list ... including El Paso.

The Cold War between the United States of America and Russia, along with its threat of nuclear attacks, has simmered for years but tensions have risen between the two in recent times.

On top of that there are now more players in the nuclear game than ever and not all of them like us. No matter who may try and come at us, Texas will pay one of the heavier prices.

FEMA put together a map showing the primary targets of a nuclear attack that shows the east and west coasts taking the worst of it. The more populated areas of Texas and the military facilities within it are also key targets.

The El Paso area is definitely going to take a full on hit. With the critical units and equipment located at Fort Bliss and Holloman Air Force base, along with the key research and development that goes on at White Sands Missile Range; we're at the top of the list.  See a map here.

While other nations are now armed with nuclear weapons, Russia is still the most likely culprit when it comes to nuclear war as most others don't have enough to sustain an attack. Basically, they'll run out of ammo pretty quick.

Here's what to do in the event a nuclear attack happens. God willing, we'll never need to know any of that stuff ...

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